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Do you want a unique team building experience?

Do you want to pitch you and your team against the world's best elite special forces?

Do you want to push your team to the limit and bring out the best in them?

What about a tactical training session, facilitated by ex-special forces personnel designed to teach your team how to attack, invade and neutralise enemies?

Corporate Team Building Activities - With a Difference

Forget about your typical team building experience - our corporate package is an experience like no other. With over 18 years of military experience, 16 of those in the Commandos Special Forces, Spec Ops Paintball has a unique corporate experience designed for the organisation that wants to get the most out of their team and employees.

Our Corporate Team Building Package Includes:

Details of the Day

The day will start with 1-2 hours of basic tactics training. This is where our ex-defense members will teach you how to fight and survive close quarter combat (CQB) within an urban environment.

We will show you how to instinctively engage and eliminate a threat, breach doors and clear a stronghold under enemy (EN) fire. Once you have the basics down pat, Spec Ops will send you on a mission based on a real Middle East operation our staff conducted whilst in the Australian Special Forces. The team will then conduct ‘one-shot-and-you’re-out’ missions where the outcome is in your hands. Each team will have an experienced soldier mentoring them throughout the day and advising them on tactics, both in combat and in training.

Spec Ops Paintball is Brisbane’s only indoor paintballing experience. Manage and operated by an ex-Special Forces Soldier, Spec Ops Paintball offers tailor-made corporate packages with game plans and urban warfare game play designed to strengthen team cohesion, mental ability and teamwork. Best of all, we are located in the heart of Brisbane’s CBD.

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