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5 Paintball Tips For Tactical First-Timers

Wednesday, January 11, 2017
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What more do I need to say?! Anyone can pull the trigger fast, but if you can’t hit the threat, what's the point? When shooting, make sure you keep both eyes open. Point your paintball marker slightly below the line of sight (the reason being so you can see what your target will do next). Slow your shooting down and build up speed as you go. Use your non-master hand to index the threat and engage. This allows your to engage multiple threats up to 20m

Don't be afraid of getting hit!

This is easier said than done, and flinching is a normal reaction. When you're engaging in CQB (close quarter combat), the first thing you need to do is dominate the fight. Once you engage the threat, you need to eliminate it by instinctively engaging it or suppress the threat in order to maneuver to neutralise. If you flinch every time you get contacted by the EN (enemy), you will have a hard time winning the fight. Get the EN heads down and maneuver before they reappear.

Remember you mission

All missions are different. If your mission isn't to eliminate all threats, then why do it?! The more EN you have to engage the more chance you have of being hit. If you can achieve your mission without having to engage any EN, I would class that as successful. Anyone can run out into the middle of the field, take multiple hits and achieve the mission. But only the best can do it by sneaking behind EN lines, engaging threats as they present themselves and extracting without getting hit. That's what tactical paintball is all about. Also, the feeling you get when you just outsmarted the other team is priceless!

Know your surroundings

Throughout your mission, you need to make sure that you have good SA (situational awareness). Know at all times where all the members of your team are, and more importantly, where all the EN are. Everything you do with your paintball marker should be done in your work space (in front of your face), from reloading to maneuvering around the battlefield. This will help keep your head up and your eyes on the threat. The EN are constantly maneuvring, so keep alert and adapt your plan to the ever-evolving situation.

Communicate with your team

Communication is the key to a successful mission. The EN are communicating with each other, so you should be communicating with your team. If you see where the EN are located, tell your team. If you clear down a corridor and you run into an ambush, let the rest of the team know what's down there so no one else suffers the same fate as you. If you see the EN weak point, or if they’re maneuvering around to the flank, pass on the information and let the rest of your team know so they can adapt and neutralise the threats before it's too late.

FIGHT AS A FIST NOT AS A FINGER and always remember the Spec Ops moto: THERE'S NO CUFF TOO TOUGH.

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