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Friday, April 21, 2017
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The CT Games… What can I say other than, what a day! 6 hours, 27 games, 7 Hostages recovered, 2 Hostages KIA (killed in action), 243 troops confirmed KIA, and 32,400 paintballs fired in one kick ass day!

13 tactical squads were courageous enough to assault the Iranian Embassy, where both military and civilian teams killed over 108 terrorists during the assaults (with a lot more assaulters suffering from the same fate).

All the teams had a chance to conduct a reconnaissance of the embassy before H-hr (the first assault). They made full use of this time by studying the floor plan and discussing a plan of attack or defence. The under 18s teams were nervous before their trial battle against some of the more tactical teams, but those nerves were soon gone after all three under 18s teams were victorious, annihilating not only some of the most tactical teams but also putting the beat down on one of the military teams. It was clear from the trial games that it was easier to fortify and hold the hostage, but it was the glory that came from assaulting and accomplishing the impossible of saving the hostage, that the teams took pride in.

We had a quick lunch break after the trials whereby the amazing team from Teen Challenge QLD hosted a BBQ for us at Spec Ops. They’re a fantastic not-for-profit organisation that provides long-term residential treatment and rehabilitation for young men and women who are struggling to overcome addiction and other life-controlling issues such as self-harm, eating disorders, depression and homelessness. Spec Ops Paintball is proud to be able to support them in any way we can!

Following lunch, the flip of a coin decided whether the team would kick down the front door or stronghold the embassy. The first round of competition kicked off with a bang, with each team more determined than ever to be victorious. This round turned up a few surprises, with strong contenders like the Pineapple Mafia being eliminated, and two of the under 18s teams – the F.A.Ps and The Highlanders - moving forward to the quarterfinals.

The intensity was turned up a notch when half of the lights on the field were turned off in the quarterfinals. This round turned out to be one of the most intense battles of the day. The Paintball Junkies thought the end was near when the Stray Dogs had eliminated all but 2 of their team members. However, the Paintball Junkies’ captain came charging out from the dark into the light, gun in one hand, hostage in the other! Victory!

Just when participants thought things couldn’t get more intense, all the lights were turned off for the semifinals. Guided by a few spotlights and torches on guns, the teams continued to battle. 4 teams remained – Paintball Junkies, Llama Cartel, S.O.T.G and Strike Force.Strike Force put up a brilliant attempt, using creative tactics such as toy grenades with flashing lights to confuse the enemy and using distraction to disorientate the hostiles. However, S.O.T.G did a spectacular job of demonstrating the 3 principles of CQB - Speed, Surprise and Violence of Action. As a result, they won the battle. Llama Cartel fought off wave after wave of attack from Paintball Junkies and also sealed their fate.

Finally, the Grand Finals! Only a single spotlight lit up the hostage’s position. Tensions were running high. Llama Cartel started off demonstrating the first 2 principles of CQB - Speed and Surprise. They used the cover of darkness to close in on the enemy, moving in the shadows and using torch discipline so as to not compromise their position. S.O.T.G chose to hold their positions and not engage until the very last minute. Llama Cartel took heavy casualties in the first 5 min of the game, with one of their own members having a blue on blue (friendly fire) killing 2 of his own team members. They fought hard killing off the majority of S.O.T.G and it looked like the Llama Cartel would once again pull a rabbit out of a hat and recover the hostage from under S.O.T.G’s guard. It was 2 against 1 in the last seconds of the battle, however S.O.T.G held steady and secured the hostage to the end - therefore becoming the first ever CT games champions!

What a spectacular day! A bit thank you to all our players, the support staff and Teen Challenge for making the day such a success! Till the next CT games…



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