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Friday, May 13, 2016
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Fast action, hard-hitting, modern warfare paintball has finally arrived. Located in the heart of Brisbane, Spec Ops Paintball is proud to be Brisbane’s first indoor urban-based battlefield. No bush, no sun, no traveling.

We’ve only been open for 5 months, but it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride and we have loved every minute of it! We’ve seen all sorts of battles here at Spec Ops! From epic one-on-one paintball battles, awe inspiring rescue missions of Lieutenant Dan, exhilarating ‘lights off’ encounters to hilarious attempts at our famous car slides! We’ve had a surprisingly high number of female players, and each of them have certainly given the boys a run for their money! So put your game face on boys because some of these girls could be the first female Commando!

I hope you are all enjoying the ‘lights off’ game! I am happy to report that 90% of people shot in this game have been shot by their own players! So watch your friendly fire (admittedly, it is funny to watch though!). I have to say the coolest thing I have seen on the field so far was a vehicle drive-by. It was a 40th birthday party and one of the teams couldn’t get across a alleyway because of the amount of paintballs getting shot at them, so they adapted and overcame the situation. 5 of the players hopped into a car and wound the windows down just enough to put the barrel through. They then pushed it into the alleyway and punish the enemy with a massive rate of fire. From there, they jumped out the back door and breached into the building to recover LT Dan. Good work!

We’re expecting some exciting changes to game play! We’ve ordered brand new torches that can be attached to our paintball markers, allowing for white light and strobe light assaulting. This will be totally unique to Spec Ops and will change the face of indoor paintball as you know it! Be prepared for an experience like no other!

We’re always happy for any kind of feedback! Let us know what your favourite parts of Spec Ops was and if there is anything you would like to see on your next Spec Ops Mission.

Over and out!


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