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Friday, August 11, 2017
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The most tactical competition in paintball history is back - COMMENCE OPERATION VIDAR!

What Are the CT Games?

The CT Games is a tactical competition whereby teams of six players battle it out in the most realistic tactical game paintball can offer. Designed by an ex special forces soldier, the CT Games require the players to engage in the ultimate test of skill, tactics and teamwork.



Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Odessa Mafia stole 32 billion dollars worth of military equipment to fund their crime syndicate. Moving up from trafficking arms, they entered into the trade of illegal drugs and became a major player in the international narcotics trade.

Recently, the syndicate’s Ukraine headquarters was raided and taken down by an unknown vigilante. Over 30 million dollars worth of narcotics was destroyed. The vigilante’s actions have sent the drug syndicate into a tailspin. Local newspapers report that the vigilante is rumoured to be a rogue ex-commando. It is also rumoured that as a result of the vigilante’s actions, the drug syndicate have moved their operations to Australia.

The Australian Security Intelligence Operation (ASIO) have been tracking the cartel’s movements and have located their base of operations at a warehouse in Brisbane.



Your 6-man team is to breach the cartel’s strong hold and seize all narcotics in order to disrupt the narcotics trade of the Odessa Mafia. This will be a 4 phase operation:

Phase: 1 insertion

Recall you 6-man team, call Spec Ops HQ (07 3839 5134) and sign up for the most tactical fight of good versus evil.

Phase 2: Infiltration

Infiltrate the cartel base of operations.

Phase 3: Seize and eliminate

Seize all narcotics and eliminate all Odessa threats.

Phase 4: Extraction

Extract with all narcotics.


The details



  • You will compete in teams of 6 (individuals and smaller groups are welcome – we will assign you to a team). We will be holding two competitions - one for over 18s and one for under 18s. Only 10 teams per competition


  • Over 18s - 17 September 2017 (Sunday)
  • Under 18s - 18 September 2017 (Monday)


  • All paintballs are included!
  • Each team member will receive 100 paintballs per person per game.
  • Players can bring their own gear and paintball markers (electric markers permitted), otherwise we will provide you with tactical assault gear and a combat marker.
  • Take control of your assault! Teams are welcome to bring their own tactical assault shields and lead the charge in the fight against the narcotic trade.
  • No Team? That’s fine - we shall assign you to one


  • Over 18s $110 per person
  • Under 18s $90 per person



The winner will have a choice of two amazing prizes

  • Special Force Package AND extra 500 paintballs per player for each member of the team to be used in your next mission


  • A once in a lifetime training experience with a real Special Forces Commando. Receive 3 hours of private training for your team. Find out if you have what it takes to be a commando. Learn tricks of the trade that are used to fight real terrorist in real operations.


Book now online, email us at info@specopspaintball.com or call us on 07 3839 5134 to secure your spot NOW!



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