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Tactical Paintball Equipment


The BT-4 Combat paintball marker is a tough and compact powerhouse! It is a lightweight tactical gun, which makes it the ideal weapon of choice for all urban clearances.

Each gun is maintained and tested by our team after every game played to ensure maximum fun at Spec Ops Paintball.


The most crucial part of your paintball gear! These new facemasks are designed by field operators and are exceptionally well ventilated to minimise fogging.

For females and under 18 year olds, we have head gear that offers full protection to completely protect your head against the impact of paintballs

* limited availability.

Flight suits

Look the part with our camouflage military uniform flight suit! Spec Ops flight suits are military grade, tough and practical. They come in a range of sizes and will protect your civilian clothing. There is an adjustable waist and cuffs with hook & loop closure for comfort and underarm vents to keep you cool.


Fear not the paintball! This plate carrier will reduce the impact of paintballs to your upper torso and back, allowing you to play with confidence. It also has the capacity to hold up to 500 rounds. Obliterate your enemies with no fear! It is fully adjustable in size with adjustable side clips to ensure the perfect fit.


The half finger tactical paintball gloves have a hard shell that will protect your fingers from the toughest hits.  They come in 3 sizes.


The tactical combat shield is custom made by Spec Ops Paintball and offers protection against all incoming assaults. Its lightweight design will allow you to carry the shield with one hand while still engaging your enemy from behind cover.

*used only in certain game play


The crowning glory of Spec Ops Paintball! Become impenetrable with the heavy assault armour. It provides full front, back, shoulder, arm and leg protection. You will be ready to take on anyone and everyone!

* used only in certain gameplay

* Remember you will need to wear enclosed shoes to be able to play on the field!