Are you looking for a unique corporate training experience that your team will talk about for months?

At Spec Ops, we’ve taken corporate training and professional development out of stuffy function rooms and onto the paintball field where our distinctive brand of experiential, reality-based training will give your staff a shake-up.

We make it fun, but we’re also serious about making it worthwhile. Led by Francis Wanrooy, a former Special Forces Commando and trainer, we design customised scenarios that meet your objectives and make an impact – and not just from the paintballs!


The Spec Ops experience

At Spec Ops, you get:

  • A convenient inner-city location
  • A staff composed of former ADF members with extensive military experience
  • The ability to work with your schedule: after-hours sessions available upon request
  • The iconic Normanby Hotel as our neighbour for debriefs and lunch.

Whether your unit needs strengthening, your upper echelons want to learn more about leadership, your people need help with performing under pressure or you just want everyone to connect while they’re away from their computers, we’ve got you covered. All the gear you’ll need is included, so all your team has to do is show up.


The program

The Spec Ops Corporate program is an immersive training experience that employs Reality Based Training (RBT) techniques to teach participants how to manage themselves, their thought processes, actions and responses in pressured scenarios.

Participants will be given the opportunity to role-play in real time, and in realistic circumstances. This means you can learn by doing, not just by hearing about the concept from the comfort of your chair!

The facilitator of the program, Francis Wanrooy, is a former Commando and trainer who has extensive experience in making precise, calculated and clear-headed micro and macro-level decisions under immense stress.

While your office may not be as chaotic as a combat environment, there are distinct parallels between the skills needed to act effectively in either setting.


The skills you’ll build

Francis will use his military training and experience to teach participants how to:

  • Remain calm under pressure
  • Think strategically and with clarity
  • Prioritise tasks and actions efficiently
  • Overcome impulses and make rational decisions quickly
  • Represent their organisation professionally
  • Keep overall objectives in mind when operating
  • Perform well under stress and meet KPIs
  • Communicate effectively within a chain of command OR flat leadership structure
  • Work as a cohesive team to achieve goals
  • Support other people to operate effectively
  • Understand the nature of decision-making in a team environment.



The methodology Francis uses to conduct this training is called Play-Pause-Repeat.

Using a technique of escalating and de-escalating tension and stressors, Francis will allow participants to feel what it’s like to operate in scenarios of conflict, confusion or crisis. He’ll then suspend it to facilitate reflection, evaluation and recalibration, before the participant repeats the exercise, with the benefit of the learning in the interim.

This process identifies and challenges unproductive responses and behaviours and cultivates effective responses and behaviour, in any environment.



  • Minimum 10 people per session
  • All weaponry, tactical gear and ammo is included
  • Bookings are available on weekdays only and subject to availability.


Get guidance from someone who can keep cool, even in combat. Have a blast and get better at what you do, as an individual and a team.

Get in touch to talk about how your team can benefit from learning that lasts, long after the paint has washed off.