The zombies have risen
and they’re coming for YOU.

We’ve tried our best to hold them back, but we can’t do it for much longer… This Halloween, the undead will be taking over Spec Ops Paintball, and we’re going to need an army to fight them off!

Out of the darkness, they’ll come lurching towards you, mouths dripping with blood. They want your BRAINS and they’ll stop at nothing to get them, unless you can vanquish their leader first…

It’s the Spec Ops Zombie Apocalypse, and only the strongest and most fearless mortals will survive.

Will you be among them?

The details

WHEN: Sunday October 28

WHERE: Spec Ops Paintball | 46 Kelvin Grove Rd, Red Hill

DURATION: You’ll get 30 minutes to save humanity

MAX SQUAD SIZE: 6 players

COST: $35/person early bird, normally $40/person

Cost is all inclusive, gear hire, guns, etc.

There are only 9 sessions available,
make sure you register so you don’t miss out.


Registration is open

Spots are limited, register now to get in before everyone else and get early bird pricing!


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Who will fight
alongside me?

Who will fight alongside me?

Register as an individual to be entered into a team or book with your mates in teams of six to mount an allied attack.

If you think the thrills and spills that Spec Ops usually offers are impressive, wait ‘til you see the epic scale of our Zombie Apocalypse. It’s our customary high-adrenaline urban gameplay, but with an added injection of gruesome horror and electrifying fun…

Tix sell out quickly, so get in fast!

How will it go down?

First up, you’ll receive a mission and weapons briefing, and your objective: Kill the Zombie Boss, to save humankind.

It won’t be easy. The zombies will come at you in waves, ruthless in their pursuit. You’ll be forced to fight your way through them, using a mixture of paintball markers and gel blasters to slow your attackers.

We’ve seen hysterical laughter turn to bloodcurdling screams.

We’ve seen the toughest players cry like babies.

Have you got what it takes to save humanity?