New and Improved: Vikings Membership package

The team at Spec Ops Paintball have put together a brand new deal for our VIP  players.

Vikings are in an elite unit of their own, with member’s-only access to a whole other level of bonuses.

Arm yourself with this epic membership deal, and you’ll be prepared for battle against any enemy, any time!

Here’s what’s included:

  • 10% discount on paintballs, every time
  • Paintball banking rights – buy in bulk and stockpile excess for next time (this comes down to $14.40 / 100 paintballs when purchased in bulk!)
  • Birthday Bonus:
    • Get the Corporal Package FREE in your birthday month (valued at $45)
    • Bring 10+ friends and get 1000 free paintballs (valued at $180)
    • Bring 20+ friends and get 2000 free paintballs (valued at $320)
  • Letter pre-loaded with all the details you need when applying for a gun license
  • 50% discount on unlimited gas refills for players with personal markers
  • Exclusive access to our Commando Tactical Training (CCT) course
  • Admission into member’s only session to play with the grown-ups
  • Advance intel on our major comp and sweetest deals
  • Priority booking privileges for all paintball tournaments plus discounts on fees
  • Complimentary Spec Ops Paintball bottle opener for post-battle brewskis
  • Personalized dog tags with your call sign!


All this for just $180/year

One year of premium access, to revel in the glory of Spec Ops paintball, Viking-style!

*Please see terms and conditions for further details


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Terms & Conditions

Members must accept and agree to the following terms and conditions in order to be granted membership. (Spec Ops Paintball shall herein be referred to as ‘SOP’)

  • All applicants must be aged 15 years or older. Applicants who are below 18 years old are required to seek parental consent before signing up for SOP membership
  • A SOP membership fee of $180 is applicable. Once purchased, memberships are non-refundable
  • Memberships are valid for exactly 12 months from the sign-up date
  • Members who do not wish to renew their SOP membership before the expiry date will be required to submit a new application
  • All paintballs purchased at SOP can only be used at SOP
  • * Paintballs can only be ‘banked’ in lots of 100 paintballs
  • * All ‘banked’ paintballs MUST remain at SOP. They are not allowed off the premises
  • * All ‘banked’ paintballs can only be used for said member and cannot be shared with non-members. Members caught sharing paintballs with non-members can have their membership revoked and terminated.  The term ‘non-members’ refers to players who have not signed up to be a SOP member
  • * Paintballs are not transferrable for cash or credit. Once purchased, paintballs are non-refundable
  • SOP reserves the right to refuse any SOP membership application
  • SOP reserves the right to terminate any member without prior notice should there be a termination of licensing, cessation of land lease or any other matters that cause the paintball field to cease operation. SOP will not be responsible for loss or financial damages incurred
  • SOP reserves the right to amend, add or remove any terms, conditions or rates without prior notification of members
  • In regards to the letter of application for a gun license: When applying for a weapons license, a letter confirming your membership at a paintball facility can be submitted as a supporting document to your application. This does not guarantee that your application will be accepted, and SOP takes no responsibility for the granting or refusal of a weapons license.