fun for all ages!

With games ranging from Capture the Flag to exciting, strategic missions based on real-life scenarios that former Commando and Spec Ops head honcho Francis Wanrooy encountered in the line of duty, this is fast-paced, gel-ball spraying mayhem for people who like to play with a purpose!


Each gel ball sessions goes for 3 1/2 hours, inclusive of 1 hour check in time. On arrival time, all players will need to complete an online waiver if not already done so beforehand. The minimum age to play gel ball on our field is 10 years and over. Players under the age of 18 years will require a parent/guardian to complete their waiver on their behalf. All players must have enclosed shoes and photo ID where possible. Where no photo ID is available, a parent/guardian’s ID can be used to check in the player. If hiring equipment, the hirer’s photo ID will be held until all equipment has been returned at the end of the session.

Players are assigned teams based on level of experience. You’ll then receive a compulsory safety brief followed by a mission brief of the game. All safety equipment is checked to ensure it is fitted correctly and then it’s game on! Some games may be played with adjusted lighting or no lighting!

Please note all personal blasters will be choreographed and must shoot less than 300fps. All HPA blasters must shoot less than 250fps and fire single shot only. Safety glasses must protect the whole eye and can withstand the gel balls. No strobe lighting or lasers may be used.


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