Epic Urban Close
Quarter Combat

The Spec Ops indoor battlefield is a totally immersive and interactive space.  Take cover in a building to escape enemy fire, ambush the adversary from the shell of an old car, or assault the opponent through an urban wasteland.

A battlefield like you have never experienced

Have you ever played paintball or gel ball in the dark? Ever felt the adrenaline of closing in on the enemy under the cover of darkness and taking them down with the element of surprise? Now you can! Add a whole new dimension to the game when the lights go out. We can simulate day and night games by adjusting lighting within the battlefield to ramp up the intensity of the gameplay.
Imagine booming explosions or surrounding gunfire! From combat ambient sounds to some sick beats, our Spec Ops surround sound system will take you to the next level. Fully immerse in the experience and get your heart rate racing, and your blood pumping.
Never get bored on our field as changing building layouts and new combat/tactical scenarios means you’ll need new strategies every time! Our field is fully modular and we frequently change the layout. You can never get too comfortable! A scaled mud model of the field in our mission room allows you to plan your attack, defence or both!
Location, location, location! Our field is only 5 mins from CBD and easily accessible via public transport. Being an indoor field, play rain, hail or shine! Your game will always go on (cue cheesy music)! We also have plenty of onsite parking!
Laying out paintball strategy

Team strategy and tactics lead by war veterans

In the Spec Ops briefing room, Francis and the other ADF veterans that make up the team will take you through your mission brief before each game.

Using a scale mud model of the actual battlefield, you will be equipped with a strategy and tactics taken straight out of the Australian Special Forces playbook.