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The Most Epic Inner-City Speedball Training Brisbane Has to Offer!

Got an upcoming speedball tournament or simply want to brush up your speedball skills? If you’re looking for a convenient inner-Brisbane City speedball field where you can hone your skills, meet awesome people and have a ridiculously fun time, you just got lucky. Twice a month, we convert our inner-city paintball field into a dedicated paintball training arena. This indoor training space can be split in 4 fields, so we can cater for all sorts of training needs, including speedball and tactical urban paintball.

Our paintball training space is open on the first and second Wednesday of every month, from 1830 – 2200 (we thought you’d like to keep your weekends free for friends, family and recovering from hangovers!). We welcome players of every ability, gender and skill level. You can come alone or with a team, and if you don’t have your own equipment, you can hire ours!

Whether you are new to speedball or a seasoned speedballer, having access to our Brisbane speedball training space is sure to improve your game.

Visit our Facebook page for more event info (look under ‘Paintball training day’, under the Events section).

3 Exercises to Improve Your Speedball Game

These 3 simple exercises – sourced from the Tippinators, a Nova Scotia based professional paintball team – can improve your accuracy, snap shooting, bunkering, laning, running and gunning:

Put a target at the 50. Shoot one ball at the target. Try again every time you miss. Repeat using your left hand.

  1. Put a target at 50 and a target in the head of the Snake. Repeat exercise 1, and once you hit the target, move to the corner while gunning the Snake target. Repeat using your left hand.
  2. Place a target at 50, a target in the head of the Snake, a target box on the 50-tape line, and a target at the other team’s start point. Repeat exercise 2, and when you get to the corner, shoot down the line until you hit the target. Wrap inside and shoot the target box at the other team’s starting point. Repeat with your left hand.

Why Choose Spec Ops for Your Brisbane Speedball Training?

Spec ops paintball is located in a convenient inner-city location. Why travel 1-2 hours out of Brisbane, when you can train close to home? Our paintball field is indoors, which means that come rain, hail or shine, your training will not be interrupted. Our speedball sessions are held on weekday nights, which means you can come straight after work for a serious debriefing session, and keep your weekends free.

Our speedball field is fully customisable.  Our bunkers are based on the 2019 NXL (National Xball League) competition field. Our bunkers include Snake Beam, Maya Temple, small and medium Doritos and Cylinder and many more!  Whether you want to work on your one-man run, break out shooting boxes or improve area-specific drills like getting in the Snake, pushing Doritos aside or filling in for eliminated players, we can accommodate your training needs. If you need a specific bunker set up, just let us know beforehand, and we will do our best to set it up for you!



Unlimited Gas Refill  $5

2000 paintballs         $90

100 paintballs            $10


Non Members

Unlimited Gas Refill  $10

2000 paintballs         $110

100 Paintballs            $15


Rental Gear

Flight Suit                     $5

Tactical Plate Carrier   $5

Anti Fog Face Mask   $5

BT-4 Combat Marker (includes air refill)  $10

Speedball Marker: EMEK and MACDEV (includes air refill)        $20


  • Bring your own mask, gear and paintball marker or you can hire them from us
  • No external paintballs allowed – Spec Ops paintballs only
  • Your paintballs cannot be reused at Spec Ops Paintball at another date
  • Paintballs cannot be banked by Spec Ops Paintball members
  • You are welcome to take any unused paintballs with you
  • If we catch you using other paintballs, or reusing old Spec Ops paintballs, you will be issued 1 warning – if it happens again, you will be asked to leave with no refund


Players with their own marker:

  • Must present gun licence (with correct category)
  • All markers must shoot less than 270fps.  Makers will be chronographed
  • Rate of fire is no more than 15 bps
  • All markers must have barrel socks
  • Gas bottles must be in date

Join Our Speedball Training Sessions

Whether you want to skill-up for a tournament or try something new to break up the work week, our paintball training space is the best in Brisbane. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or visit our Facebook page for more event info (look under ‘Paintball training day’, under the Events section).

Training just got real.