Things that go bump in the night: Our top tips for playing paintball in the dark!

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paintball player in field in the dark

As an indoor field, we’ve got a few things going for us over those fields out in the sticks. We’re in the CBD, so you don’t waste time on a country drive. No flies, no empty fields. And, most importantly, we’re not at the mercy of the weather. Whatever’s going on out there, it’s always sunny at Spec Ops! Except when we decide to turn the sun off, and take your experience to a whole new level: Paintball in the dark.

Francis loves doing this. Possibly because Francis is a former Commando and highly skilled at operating in the dark? That could be it. But, everyone who’s tried it would agree that playing paintball in the dark or with ambient lights adds an awesome dimension to the game for both seasoned players and newbies.

Before we hit the switches, there are a few things you need to know about playing paintball in the dark:

Tips for shooters:

  • When you first get onto the field, take a few moments to let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Because you’ve shifted from full light to no light, you’ll have white spots in your vision.
  • Don’t look directly at what you want to see, because you won’t be able to make it out. Instead, look past it and your peripheral vision will do the work of turning that shadowy blob into a figure.
  • Look for movement: Shoot in front of it and run your rounds back towards it.
  • Use your other senses: Listen for sounds of players approaching, standing on paintballs, bumping into walls, etc.
  • Look for shine: This is most likely coming from another player’s equipment.
  • Think strategically: Try and anticipate the moves of your enemy.


Tips for moving in the dark:

  • Use the shadows to your advantage: Stay in them, and out of any better-lit zones.
  • Don’t hang out of windows or doors. Instead, keep to the back of the room and shoot through it. Your enemy will know the direction you’re in but not exactly where you are.
  • Control the sounds you make: take care not to bump into walls, walk on paintballs on the ground, or bump your weapon into things.
  • Don’t speak to your team mates unless you have to: A silent enemy is a deadly enemy. If your enemy can hear you, they can predict your next movement.


Tips for using torches:

  • When using a torch, remember that it’s a double-edged weapon: The enemy can see where you are, but if you shine it in their eyes, you can temporarily impair their vision.
  • Use your torch strategically as a strobe light, distracting your enemy and allowing your team mates to close in.
  • Use your torch to block your enemy’s movement: If you light up an area, your enemy will be more reluctant to manoeuvre through your light.
  • The light of your torch will reflect of the back of the paintballs when fired. Paintballs will act as tracers and all you have to do is walk them on the enemy.


Are you ready to test out your paintball skills in the dark?  Give us a call on (07)3839 5134, book online or email [email protected] to book your game!

Paintball just got real.